Frequently Asked Questions

How are you raising money for surgery?

We sell silicone wristbands and t-shirts, as well as accepting donations. The wristbands come in many colors and have two phrases:

“PIZZA ROLLS NOT GENDER ROLES” and “HEARTS NOT PARTS” . The t-shirts say “Hey! My gender is up here!” with an arrow pointing towards your head. For more info, go to our official shop.

How do I get help with MY top surgery?

Go to our Surgery Grant page for details. You will need to show that you have a need for help as well as demonstrating what you have done so far in your fundraising efforts.

Do I have to be FTM to apply for the surgery grant?

No! All non-binary folks are welcome to apply. If you have boobs, want them gone, and don’t identify as cis-female, you can apply.

Will GENDERBANDS L3C help me get bottom surgery?

No, not at this time. Sorry.

Do you help MTFs get surgery too?

No, not at this time. Sorry.

What if I want to help but don’t want a wristband?

We would greatly appreciate your donations! You have a few options.

  1. Use the Donate Today tab on the menu.

2) Get us something off our Amazon wishlist.
3)  Send cash or check  to our PO Box with a note informing us it’s a donation.

51 West Center Street
Suite 341
Orem, Utah

I want a Genderband but I don’t have a credit card!

No problem. You can pay by cash or check by sending the following to the above mentioned address
-Shipping address
-Email address (in case of questions)
-Name of product
-Number of wristbands/shirts
-Color and phrases of wristband AND/OR size of shirt
-Cash or Check made out to “Genderbands”
Make sure to include enough payment for Shipping and tax! You can calculate all this by adding your items to your cart.

I’m not out. Do you ship discretely?

Yes we do! We ship in plain packaging with no logo or business title. We only put our return address.

What does the L3C part mean in Genderbands L3C?

The Low-Profit Limited Liability Company (L3C) is a hybrid business form, combining a non-profit mission with a for-profit business entity. As a L3C, we can accept (non-tax deductible) donations and Program-Related Investments (PRI).

What is a PRI?

PRI stands for Program-related Investments.
PRIs are a means for private foundations to invest in for-profit entities without incurring certain penalty taxes.

Are my donations tax deductible?

No. We are not a registered non-profit yet so donations are not tax deductible. They are very much appreciated however! We have sent in our 501c3 application so we hope to be a non-profit soon!

How can I follow Genderbands L3C on social media?

Great question! We have a few different options.

Like our Facebook page

Follow us on Instagram at @genderbands
You can also email any questions or comments to

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